As you may be aware, Dabuu Networks offers an advanced security system to all our Web Hosting and Reseller clients. This system also assists in the fight against SPAM by stopping known SPAM & Commercial content from being posted and commented onto your site, this also protects your email in the same way in addition to even stopping your site software being exploited by attackers.

To allow this to add more value as a tool and service, and to provide even greater transparency to our services, I'm pleased to announce that as a client you can find out exactly what we're blocking on your domains, we can filter this by domain name or IP address and offer you up to 7 days worth of records. We're opening this information up to you, because we love to show off our unique security system, and it enhances each and every web hosting service we provide - yet people aren't aware of just whats going on behind the scenes, we want to show you it works!

The truth is the combined systems we have in place are incredible, genuinely allowing you to relax knowing that our instant automated friend has got your back! With this, we've decided to name our unique and advanced system accordingly - considering its purpose and assurance.

We name this system Itus! - Itus was in Greek mythology the God of Protection, considered by tale to have started life as a mere mortal, then being granted the status of a god by Zeus - The God of Gods, before being released and tasked with protecting the innocent - very fitting yes? Well, now Itus is protecting you! Remember though that Itus only really knows how to protect and serve, so he may accidentally block you!

Do be sure to get in touch with our support team straight away so that we can alter the security rules if this happens.

So, to get started and see how Itus is protecting you, simply contact Dabuu Networks support!

Thank you.