If you're looking for a VPS we are the right provider for you. But for the sake of this post, let's keep things simple.

We are a company that has been dealing with VPS products for over 2 years now. We are young and ready to answer all your questions that you might have. Give it a try, and open a ticket on our system and be amazed with our replying speed.

Let me show you what we have to offer:


https://www.lusovps.com/vps-linux-uk.html $13.49/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-windows-uk.html $13.49/month
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https://www.lusovps.com/vps-linux-germany.html $13.49/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-windows-germany.html $13.49/month


https://www.lusovps.com/vps-starter-france.html $7/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-linux-france.html $13.49/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-windows-france.html $13.49/month


https://www.lusovps.com/vps-starter-usa.html $7/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-linux-usa.html $9.99/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-windows-usa.html $10.99/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-linux-ssd-usa.html $9.99/month
https://www.lusovps.com/vps-windows-ssd-usa.html $9.99/month

Remember that these VPS are ready to deploy. This means that you don't have to wait for a human to activate it.

Enough said.