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    Whmcs vs Host Bill vs Uber Smith vs CloudPortal Business Manager vs Amysta

    I am relatively new here so pardon my English and question if its sound silly but I really wanted to know Which billing solution to go for as a start-up business

    So This is what I have searched till now

    Whmcs : Whmcs is cheap and great for the start-up businesses but the interface isn't great as it contains lots of tabs which sometime means nothing and Whmcs have a separate module for cloud stack developed by Get Cloud Services ( Get Cloud Services doesn't provide any forums or knowledge base to start up)
    Amysta : Amysta's best feature is that it can integrate to cloud stack but they don't allow custom development (i.e you can't extend the functionality of Amysta) and it also has no tickeing system

    UberSmith : UberSmith is best of the lot but with great features (that we need) comes great price and we are just start-up company

    Hostbill : Hostbill I heard has beautiful interface very user friendly but functionalities are very less

    CloudPortal Business Manager : Don't know much about this one

    So my Question is

    1. What is the best solution out in the market that easily adaptable ?
    2. Easily configurable exclusively to Cloud stack
    3. Come with the basic features like ticketing reporting monitoring billing
    4. Can ask my development team to extend its functionality?
    5. obviously as a start-up business price is the key for us

    which is the best solution among these? or is there any other you like to mention ?

    Any help in this regard Will be great
    Thank You

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    as a user of both WHMCS & Ubersmith I thought i would reply.

    Firstly, I dont think their is anything near as good as WHMCS out there, their is so many addons for WHMCS and its so easy to plugin too!

    Ubersmith is expensive, we just use it for a CP and a database of all of our servers and racks with quick click to connect to KVMs and reboot servers.
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    I used both WHMCS and Hostbill.

    I found hostbill VERY good! Its simple yet powerfull. You can do anything you want on a simple interface. Even though the pricing that pumped up tha last months make it out of my list so far.

    In my opinion WHMCS is the best out here at the momment depending on the price/value.

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