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    AdSense: How to proactively protect yourself against click bombers?

    AdSense lies the full responsibility in our hands.

    The only real recommendations I've seen is to keep an eye on logs and disable allowed sites if you see suspicious activity. And how to recognize suspicious activity when you get thousands of visits a day?

    Banning IP's seems silly, as anybody can visit the site with a proxy or TOR and continue the bombing.

    What solutions are there to protect yourself?

    I know a bit of HTML and CSS, but that's about it. Any suggestions appreciated.

    BTW, this is for a forum, not WordPress, there are no click-bombing plugins that I know of available for this installation.

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    I am spit balling here but is it possible to write something in PHP that does the following -

    Adsense Ad points at file. File logs IP address. File redirects visitor to site. If file sees more than 5 (arbitrary number) visits from same IP in short period of time, they receive a 404 error. To make it worse, maybe the error opens in a new window. Could you imagine initiating a click bomb and are beset by hundreds of popups. It would have to present the popup in a way that defeats a popup blocker.

    Dunno even know if its possible, but would be a hell of a deterrent.

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