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    Another battle to protect privacy

    Today i was looking to see what was on the web for me and i ran accross this website. spyonweb dot com and was surprised and shocked to find that my google analytics and google adsense account numbers were publically displayed along with all of my websites on my server.

    Makes me want to close all my google accounts. I know that looking up websites that are on the same IP has been around for a long time, but what shocked me was the fact that now they link all that to my google accounts and display the information as well.

    I guess we all knew it was comming, the day where you cant do anything on the net that is not linked to all the other stuff you do on the net.

    How do they get that info, by crawling the site for the analytics info in the header or footer?

    Maybe this is the GOV solution for failing to regulate the internet in the beginning. Maybe they are forcing everything to be transparent to offset that.

    This is so very dangerious, now all a stalker has to do is use a couple of keywords and everything you have ever done on the web is right before their eyes.

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    I don't see what google has anything to do with the website you displayed. Unless you have a static Ip quick skim they are simply tracking IPs although if you were nice enough to give your own you helped them out alot if the tracking method I think they are using infact they are using.

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    Google should provide a way to use their services with encrypted methods to stop sniffers and if i close my accounts then that site has that much less info to display.

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    Maybe put a .htaccess rule to deny bots from ever being able to see the contents of your website?

    Something like described here:
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