EVL Gaming would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!

Just in time for the holiday's we're offering a 50% off special on all of our enterprise grade VPS, and 25% off our budget series vps.

Our Budget series plans are on the top of our VPS page, with the Enterprise series on the bottom. Budget series servers rely on RAID 1 storage and Quad-Core E3-1230v2 CPU's. Great for websites, or smaller databases. Our budget series runs on supermicro enterprise gear.

Our enterprise series provides customers with access to an observium monitoring account, as well as runs on higher end nodes with RAID 10 storage for faster I/O speeds. The nodes also use dual Six Core AMD processors giving a very high CPU core to VPS ratio providing excellent performance for any task.

All of our VPS services budget or enterprise are backed up to an offsite backup server every week.

There is no coupon code needed! Just enter the sale now!

1 Core
RAM: 512mb
Raid 10 Disk Space: 15GB
IP's: 1 (up to 3 can be assigned)
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2 Core
RAM: 1gb
CPU Cores: 2
Raid 1 Disk Space: 25GB
IP's: 1 (up to 3 can be assigned)
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3 Core
CPU Cores: 3
Raid 1 Disk Space: 40GB
IP's: 1 (up to 5 can be assigned)
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4 Core
CPU Cores: 3
Raid 1 Disk Space: 60GB
IP's: 2 (up to 5 can be assigned)
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6 Core
CPU Cores: 6
Raid 1 Disk Space: 80GB
IP's: 2 (up to 5 can be assigned)
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8 Core
RAM: 10 GB
CPU Cores: 8
Raid 1 Disk Space: 150GB
IP's: 3 (up to 8 can be assigned)
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Dual Six Core Opteron CPU's
DDR3 1333mhz ECC RAM
RAID 10 HDD Array
Cogent and Hurricane Electric Bandwidth
SolusVM control panel access
Gigabit Ethernet connections on all nodes
Weekly offsite backups to our New York location
Located in Kansas City, MO
Free Observium Monitoring via SNMP
30 minutes of free tech time
Custom ISO install available (select Custom as your OS then open a ticket and provide the ISO file)

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We currently accept PayPal and process credit cards via Stripe. Additionally we offer bitcoin payments as well. Orders over $100 (including recurring monthly costs) will require ID verification. Some orders may require telephone verification.

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