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    Hosting in Guangdong, China ?

    I'm looking for cloud hosting (or cheap dedicated) hosting in Guangdong, China. Not looking to host a website (so no need for an ICP license), just needed for low latency calls to a third party API with servers located there.

    Would be preferable if the servers where in datacenter that got network access / peered directly with China Telecom (again for the lowest possible latency).

    I have tried ordering a server through however they are havn't provisioned the server (a "cloud" server) and they are totally unresponsive to emails, support tickets and even through there listed skype contact. So right now they appear to be non-existent or hopeless.

    Any ideas or anyone know of other companies offering hosting in Guangdong that my google fu has not been strong enough to find.

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    You can browse the offers section of this forum, good luck. (Unfortunately I don't know about Chinese providers)

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    hmmm not a whole lot in the offers section, alternatively Hangzhou would be acceptable as well.

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    Why not just get a Hong Kong server that has direct China Telecom uplinks.
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    I've tried rackspace in hong kong and latency between HK and Guangdong was huge (40ms) for somewhere so close. Also running CA's cloud ping showed similar results from their HK server.

    Not too sure if either of them have peering with China Telecom so it might be an option to look for with other providers.

    Also finally got back to me so I'll see how it all goes with them.

    It would be really awesome if aliyun opened up their cloud servers to non-Chinese citizens (though I understand this is more a regulatory problem than anything else).

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    No one will have "direct peering" unless they advertise it specifically.
    Rackspace and any american brand will almost definitely NOT have it.
    They will all backhaul to the USA and peer off with CT and CU from LA or SJ.

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    You can check I havent try them but HUAWEI is one of the biggest companies in China.
    Infinitum Technology Co., Ltd.
    Hong Kong Hosting

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    You can check It is the biggest and earliest cloud in china.

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    In china are there two kind of connections, 1 with permission of the party and a commercial one. On both situations there is a higher latency because the monitoring of connections itself. Hong Kong (isn't China) could be an alternative, otherwise China telecom is your best option

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    Hong Kong to China Telecom within 50ms to Shanghai should be normal.
    The primary mission is the provider have a pure direct peer connection with China Telecom ADSL Network.

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    Hi you can try with www . sinohosting . net
    Good luck
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    If you think 40ms is too much. I think Hong Kong server cannot help.
    Please give me an IP you use to ping.
    I try to see how we are doing in this case.
    Alex - info[@]
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    You mentioned that you had an order with Sinoservers and they were not responsive afterwards. Do you have a ticket number or order number for me to follow up? Sinoservers is a company of our group and I can follow up with the manager about this. | HostGamma Europe | HostGamma Asia
    USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, HK, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore and more

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    It appears that Amazon AWS is expanding to China so this may be of interest to you. You can read more about it here -

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    You can use local city of china for the hosting but almost all websites server is in USA and if you want more dedicate service there are alot of website which are offering the hosting like '' the website will provide you content and theme as well and maybe you will get which you need. Best of luck.

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