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    Blacklotus DDoS protection V/s limestonenetwork DDoS protection

    Blacklotus DDoS protection V/s limestonenetwork DDoS protection

    Both provide upto 10GBPS DDoS Migration
    Both have HBA Technology

    BL price is $250+

    LSN Price is $50

    from which i should go for ddos protection?

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    I have used the Blacklotus vps. The network uptime is not ideal. Some attacks can pass their firewall and cause apache down. LSN ddos protection is a new service and affordable. You should try it and update the reviews.

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    we have dedicated servers with BL and we had no any downtime during last 6 months. Also BL can offer up to 40Gbps protection right now. 10Gbps is minimum. in last 6 months we had more than 700 attacks and only 2 attacks passed the filter and caused a 10 minutes downtime and with help of BL staff it fixed as soon. you should know there is no 100% protection and some attacks need custom tuning. for LS i personally have no idea, just suggest you to search WHT for members reviews.

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    BL is around for quite some time and you can be certain that their protection is stable any they know what they're doing. An alternative would be Staminus or Vistnet. However, the LSN DDoS protection appears to be a new product, so you might just try them and see how it goes and post a review here. $50 are really not much money to lose.
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    Based on this:
    It would appear that limestone may be part of the blacklotus AP2 program and that is where they are getting their filtering from.
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    LSN is partnered with BL as far as I know, therefore the quality of the protection should be the same. I'm not sure however if LSN has a time limit on the attack before they nullroute you; I heard rumors this was the case but I cannot confirm.

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    1) Pay attention to "PPS" rates on various companies. Some of them offer high protection rate (of up to 20 Gbit/s) but low "PPS", which means that when you hit the PPS level you may be nullrouted just for that, even if attack size was 1-2 Gbit/s, for example.

    2) Furthermore, investigate if you need TCP & UDP protection or TCP only. Some providers don't do UDP protection at all.

    3) Finally, speak to the provider if the will simply "nullroute" your server IP during attack to "protect it" or they will filter the attack and make sure your server will stay online no matter what.

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    LSN's DDoS protection comes from Black Lotus, so paying more then $50 for 10Gbps protection at BL would be silly.

    There 2 very important notes to make however.
    LSN protection is limited at 10 Gbps and 6mil PPS, and as far as I know, they have no plans to offer any higher protection plans (I've asked).

    Since there is that limit, it may possibly be better go directly because BL's NOC may possibly give you some leeway (in our case we went 3Gbps over and BL's NOC wasn't having any of that). Once you bypass the limits, the IP will be nulled and rechecked every hour until the attack falls below the limit.

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    sorry about bringing up a bit of an old post but while reading back a lot of the ddos threads. I notice that limestonenetworks now offer 20Gbps protection.

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    There's a 1 hour per attack limit for both plans however. It's tucked away in the white paper.

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