I dont want referrals, I am looking to find someone who knows they can accomplish this. I dont want responses like "Have you checked out..." or people telling me to use a different cart.

We use the free store software from http://www.tomatocart.com/
Although really comparable to pay software, we have two problems with it.

1) Paypal Express and Paypal Pro. Express works just fine. This one sends them to the Paypal so they can pay out of their accounts.. or CC if they prefer. Paypal Pro takes cards directly from our site. However, Paypal Pro is not sending the shipping cost. I emailed the developer and he was happy to help, then stopped responding after I mentioned this particular problem.. which seems to be an ongoing problem with this software since there are numerous reports of it in their forums.

2) Free Shipping - Software currently handles shipping by flat fee or weight. I want an item option when I can simply tick a box to give that item free shipping. Right now we have a flat fee shipping of $5.95 which is good for the clothing.. but is a problem for a $5 bumper sticker. Yet there is no way to take off that shipping per item... or at least discount shipping down to free.

I need someone to get me an estimated cost... well first make sure you can do it, contact me at rrice#misguidedchildren.com ASAP and let's figure out a price for these two features.

I usually use Mindbees, and they do a awesome job and have done a ton of great work for me, but they are busy at the moment and cant take this new task on. I need this started ASAP since we have already lost over $1,000 in shipping due to people checking out via Paypal Pro.

Robert Rice