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    Video editing software

    Hello Friends!
    Besides lots of creativity, what kind of software can be used to create lovely videos like this:

    THanks for your ideas!

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    I'm not sure what commercial video editors could do this, but a free 2d animation program called SynFig probably could. It's similar to Anime Studio.

    I used an old version of Anime Studio to do similar videos, so it should be possible with Synfig since it works like Anime Studio from what I hear.

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    I would love to know what they use, the video looks amazing!

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    If you want to import drawings into Synfig, but have them scale without pixelating in an animated video, there's a free program called Inkscape that could convert images into vector graphics and export to the Synfig vector format.

    Inkscape is like Adobe Illustrator.

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    I use a couple of different pieces of editing software
    VideoRedo takes out the unwanted bits from pre-recorded video (ie: commercials, etc)

    Xilisoft Video Converter can do a lot more than just convert video, it'll strip audio, create watermarks, etc. You can also use it to make a slideshow

    You can also do some amazing stuff with Apple's products as well. This was put together in about 5 minutes on an iPad (not that it's anything close to the op's quality), and I'm pretty sure others could have put better together with simpler devices
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    Thanks a lot!
    Very nice video twhiting9275!
    I'll try. Imagine one of this videos for the new years eve family video .

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