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    Looking to host 100+ WordPress sites

    Hi there,

    We are a small web development company based in the United Kingdom, currently hosting about 100+ WordPress sites plus a couple of eCommerce sites on Rackspace Managed Cloud. We have 1 Load-Balancer, 2 Web Servers, and 1 Database server, costing about £500 per month.
    We are currently growing at about 2 websites per week.

    I have just started this job, taking over from the previous Senior Web Developer who left last week.

    Now I personally believe the Rackspace setup is over kill, and the way it is currently setup is a complete mess. Rackspace don't have or support any CPanel like software either, so everything is being poorly managed via the command line, and it takes ages to add a website manually to both master and slave servers. We don't have people to manage servers, just sales, designers and developers.

    On top of all that, the email provider is eNom, it is horrible to use, and I believe quite expensive at over £400/year for 90 mailboxes.

    So, I think, what I am after is a hosting provider that is fast, scalable, easy to use, some sort of high availability, and has email accounts and everything all built in -- so us developers can get back to developing websites!

    Any ideas / suggestions / recommendations are welcome!
    Thank you!

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    Any provider should be able to do that for you, and if you tell them your looking to host 100+ sites they might give you a bulk deal. I recommend FreshRostedHosting & CrocWeb, hope you find a new host which is cheaper.
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    What is the max and average load last week on your server.
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    CPU: Avg: 12% Min: 4% Max: 62%
    See s24[dot]postimg[dot]org/xso2jvwg5/cpu.png
    (Sorry not enough posts yet)

    Here is how Rackspace describes the server (master+slave identical):
    CPU: 2 vCPUs
    RAM: 4 GB
    System Disk: 160 GB
    Network: 400 Mb / s
    Disk I/O: Good

    I'm assuming that spike is the back-up running (no doubt backing up the whole server).

    As a side note: Cheaper isn't necessarily what I'm after here (as long as its not more expensive), but rather reliable, fast and easy to use.
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    You will probably get n+1 suggestions where to host it. As you have already triple number of sites and you are growing, go for a host that actually reaches out for you.
    Lets say one of your customers e-mail account password get stolen and spam is being sent throught that otherwise legitimate account. A regular provider who has no clue about your business will just suspend your whole server.
    Your provider needs to understand that hosting is part of your business and if there are problems, your provider has to work TOGHTHER with you to solve them. Unfortunately, there are lots of examples here where reputable providers handle situations poorly.
    The situation is difficult as you probably have to transfer all mailboxes to your new provider. I have done such large transfers and needs a lot of hours and patience.

    400Mbit/s seems overkill indeed for suchs a number of sites. ¤GB RAM seems on the low side.

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    If you're looking to significantly simplify the setup, you might want to switch to reseller hosting. Let someone else do all the work and you can focus on building websites. With reseller hosting you can scale as needed. - Energize your Business Online, powered by BannerOS, the platform that turns your website into a powerful business tool.
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    In order to determine what you Need, there is a fair bit of info required:

    What are the spec's of:

    the 2 web servers? (CPU, RAM disk space used, monthly data transfer)

    the database server? (CPU, Ram )

    How are they currently running? (load on both web front-ends, and Database server?)

    With only 100 sites and even adding a couple each week, this is not a huge amount and cold all be set up in a number of different ways and certainly for less than you are paying now.
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    Since you already have 100+ WordPress websites and you are also growing 2+ websites per week. So, I think a VPS with minimum 4 GB memory + cPanel may fit your need. That my come below $100 / month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravi_9793 View Post
    Since you already have 100+ WordPress websites and you are also growing 2+ websites per week. So, I think a VPS with minimum 4 GB memory + cPanel may fit your need. That my come below $100 / month.
    I hardly think a VPS of that size would support 100+ Wordpress sites with even a decent traffic.

    @OP you can obviously take the dedicated route and have them setup on a dedicated server, but that would result in loss of features like redundancy, failover, etc. It all depends on how crucial these sites are and how much your clients pay you.

    Of the design / dev agencies I've seen hosting with us, usually take the simple dedicated server route, but again it would depend on how important is failover for you.
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    You mentioned you wanted High Availability. Can you elaborate? Because RackSpace has given you HA but you said it was overkill. Are you just looking for passive redundancy, in which your host moves you to a working node when your node fails? - Ditch your slow host and choose the best!

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    It certainly does sound like overkill for 100 sites. I believe you can get away with a large vps for say $40/month.
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    Buy shared web hosting from multiple providers, it will work out cheaper

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    I think you would be best server with a decent quad core dedicated box with cPanel installed on it to be honest. There are some good DCs out there where you could pick up a Xeon E31230V3 for under $200 monthly. Just make sure you have at least 16GB of RAM and use SSD. That should be more then enough for even 200 WordPress sites. If course it depends on the traffic going through each site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dnki View Post
    Buy shared web hosting from multiple providers, it will work out cheaper
    This is an interesting suggestion, and possibly one to look into. Since you say you don't have people to manage servers, this could work out depending on how busy the sites are.

    You could get reseller accounts at various hosts throughout the US and then come up with a way to decide where to put them (maybe based on their location). I personally have an MDDHosting reseller account and have had CrocWeb in the past. Both work/worked very well and I can recommend both. I am currently testing a Crissic reseller account and just signed up for Othio since they were running a promotion and look like something I wanted to give a try. That gives me options in the middle of the US (MDD), Eastern US (CrocWeb...yeah I know actually Canada but close enough), Southeast US (Crissic) and Southwest US (Othio).

    To run your own backups as well, you could get a VPS with lots of space and use on your reseller accounts. This is what I am doing and so far no problems.

    As far as email hosting, you might get away with just using the email on the cPanel accounts so you wouldn't need to buy another service.

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: I should also say I know you are in the UK so maybe that's where your clients are so the above providers listed are just examples. If you want to stay in the UK I am assuming you can find a few reputable providers to have a similar setup
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    Quote Originally Posted by chenetwork View Post
    If you're looking to significantly simplify the setup, you might want to switch to reseller hosting. Let someone else do all the work and you can focus on building websites. With reseller hosting you can scale as needed.
    I would recommend this as well. You can use a couple of decent reseller accounts for much less than $500/mo. Just make sure you choose a reputable provider with a good track record in quality (there a few here in WHT just make sure you do your research ).. I've had a great experience with MDDHosting and Mike the owner very active here.

    This way each client/website is isolated and in its own hosting account, rather than having a bunch of websites hosted on the same setup.. If one your sites gets compromised, which we all know can happen often with WordPress sites, all other WP sites will be compromised and vulnerable as well, not good...

    This will not happen if you host the websites using a few reseller accounts, each reseller account hosting 50 or so sites for you. You can even request your provider to have your reseller accounts hosted on different servers and/or geo locations. Managing 100+ websites will be much easier and more organized when using reseller accounts as well. Each of your clients would manage their own account hosting using cPanel, or what ever control panel your provider offers.
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    You could look into getting a managed dedicated server with cPanel and get the host to look after the cPanel server for you. This would be more than half the price that you are paying.

    Hope you find something soon.

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