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    Simple Helix and Hostripples what's the connection?

    I was a short-term customer of Simple Helix's a long time ago, perhaps a few years at least now. I've always used unique email aliases when signing up to sites so if my email address is compromised I know where it came from.

    I just started getting advertisements from a host called Hostripples, which I noted has a disabled account on WebHostingTalk. The emails are going via my Simple Helix alias, which I've never used for anything except creating my Simple Helix account years ago. There is just no way anyone could know if this email address unless it was via Simple Helix (it's a pattern-based catch-all).

    I don't know what's going on here. Is there some business connection between Simple Helix and Hostripples? Seems unlikely as the former is US-based and the latter AU-based, and also Hostripples' website looks fairly low-grade. Was Simple Helix's customer database compromised at some point? Shouldn't I have been informed if so?

    Seems like people should be very cautious about providing their details to one or both of these companies.

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    Sometime around 2010/2011 SimpleHelix went through a change of ownership. The new owners seemed to be a much more professional outfit, so my guess is that you created this account with SimpleHelix while the previous owners had control.

    Unfortunately, if that is the case - you'll never find out what happened for sure, but, if you had given login information to the prior owners, I'd consider that a resolution. The new owners of SH have shown professionalism and tact from my experience. - Performance Hosting Solutions: - - -

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    Still, since it's happening recently, it doesn't sound too good. Is your SimpleHelix email address based off a dictionary word or is it random? | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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