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Thread: VPS questions

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    VPS questions

    I have few questions about VPS

    1) How much is it important location of datacentar. I mean I am from Europe and I see that lot of offers are cheaper if you choose USA datacentar location. How much will that impact loading time ?
    I am not running anything special, custom built portal and xenForo forum

    2) Is knownHost and knowSRV same? I am just confused because they have simmilar name and both offer good plans but only knownHost seems to has more positive feedback, but knownSRV has datacentar in EU.

    3) For what is important number of IP?. Do I need one or two for standard use of forum and portal.

    I will probably have more questions but for now those three interests me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LookingForVPS View Post
    2) Is knownHost and knowSRV same? I am just confused because they have simmilar name and both offer good plans but only knownHost seems to has more positive feedback, but knownSRV has datacentar in EU.
    There's absolutely no relation between KnownHost, LLC and KnownSRV aside from the word "known" in both our names.
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    To the best of my knowledge you don't need any more than one IP unless someone else on the server requires a dedicated IP. You should be able to share that IP with multiple sites unless you're intending on having an SSL installed - which would require a dedicated IP for (1) site.

    Also - I have international clients who have their site hosted in the US and they don't complain about load times.

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    If you & most of your visitors are in Europe, going with an EU based provider like in Germany, France,Netherlands etc would be a better option.

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    It is best practice to get your data as close to your largest customer base to reduce load times. That is not always an option as some geographical locations are more expensive to host than others so you will want to weigh the pros and cons of price verse load time.
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    1) it's related to the latency and not much difference except you get better performance when the DC is closer to you. depends on where the most of your visitors coming from?
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    There will be be issue with US datacenter. But Europe will be better if you have most visitors from Europe.
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    We at KnownSRV specialize in Europe hosting / servers. We currently operate out of 3 Europe locations: Netherlands, Luxemburg and Romania.

    As Jonathan mentioned above, we have nothing to do with KnownHost.

    Besides more content freedom and privacy you can get in Europe, you should keep in mind location of your visitors as well.

    Regarding IP addresses, you can have both portal and forum on the same IP address. - Fast, Quality and Secure MANAGED VPS with fast SSD drives in h/w RAID10
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