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    We are searching a one page shopping cart for one Product


    we are searching a shopping cart to sell just one physical product.
    I already have googled the entire www but din't found a suitable solution.

    Although I found some inspiration, which you can't check as I am not allowed to post links yet.

    We want everything including the whole ordering process on the main page. We do not want a product page.

    Only a few features are necessary, which are probably avaible or can be build in at every shopping cart.

    Does any shopping cart fit to our needs or is something like this only avaible at a custom made script?

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    A "cart" would indicate that you need to carry multiple products in it. :-)

    Since you're only selling one product, I don't see the need for any formal shopping cart software. Just have the product page details developed, then just have a normal checkout of accepting billing/shipping/payment.
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