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    HELP Finding a VPN services with tracking tools


    I'm looking for a VPN service to offer a FIXED UK IP address. I have several requirements.

    1. Multiple connections into one VPN that give one IP address. Use case is so in analytics we can block that IP address from tracking visitors.
    2. A management/tracking system to view the connection log and view the time connected - able to do daily and weekly reporting to find out how long someone was connected to the VPN.
    3. Accepts connections into the VPN from the middle east.
    4. No speed or bandwidth restrictions.
    5. WISH LIST - To be able to track what websites/domains users visit and how long they stay online.


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    Your requirements are possible with custom build vpn service for you.It will cost $xxx per month depending on your bandwidth/speed requirements.
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    Yes - what sort of software do I need.... and where can I do this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by always-learning View Post
    Yes - what sort of software do I need.... and where can I do this...
    You should discuss on live chat support on VPN providers website.. VPN providers can help you better to fulfill your requirements with custom build vpn service for you.. Talk on live chat of following VPN sites.. PurevPN, StrongVPN, PIA..

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    Why you dont setup OpenVPN on a VPN server in UK ?
    You only want a little bit experience with server management & you will get reliable quality & affordable monthly price.

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