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Thread: Domain transfer

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    Domain transfer

    is there any downtime when transfer domain ?

    i only know that transfer domain and hosting cause downtime

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    No, your domain still working. Need 5 - 7 day for complete transfer. One week ago, I transfer my domain to Crazydomain registrar and haven't downtime.
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    Domain transfer will not cause any downtime
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    Yeah, can agree with the others. OP, choose ican-accredited Registrar, don't deal with resellers.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Well It depends upon the package your are getting. If you are just registering a name at a price without any web hosting packages involved...!

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    You can transfer domain with authentication code of domain name .

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    As a more descriptive answer: no, a domain transfer does not have to mean downtime. As long as the nameservers for your domain have been correctly set at the old registrar and the new registrar, the visitors of your site won't know the difference if your domain has been transferred. If however your domain is transferred first and only after that process is complete you setup the correct records, then your domain will not be showing your website. But that's something easily avoided with most registrars.

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    If you want to transfer web hosting too, first transfer it. Update nameservers and then transfer your domain. There will be no downtime.

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    Agreed. As long as you have the same content, or new one, on new server you shouldn't have any problems or downtime.
    Just make sure DNS points to the right place.

    Best of luck

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    You will never receive downtime when domain will transfer from one domain registrar to other domain registrar.

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