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    I want to learn about pay per click in adwords? how can we get more revenue by ppc for our business? which is the best way to start a campaign?
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    PPC will get you a lot of traffic. The trick is getting enough conversions from those visitors. PPC sites like Adwords are happy to send all the traffic you can afford. What the traffic does after visiting your site is up to you.
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    Maybe it is good thing to start learn more about adwords from google certification program..
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    I wouldn't say you necessarily even have to get certified because that could get overwhelming. I would say you just start with their instructions here:
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    PPC stand for pay per click and it has proof that more than 80% of conversion is been done thought PPC. It could be easily learn by watching youtube Video and with the help of Google.
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    The best way to learn PPC is Google support forum and help center. You will get answers of all your question and there will also give you first month assistance for free. That will also help you to make your very first campaign successful...

    Best of Luck
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