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    Hawkhost vs Crocweb

    Last thread from me before I make my decision, I promise! I can't decide between Hawkhost and Crocweb. Both have similar features...

    What with one of my websites taking up 22Gb, Hawkhost's Super shared option only allows me 24Gb. Since I intend to migrate another two websites this might push me over my allowance. It offers unlimited bandwidth.

    Crocweb, on the other hand, allows 50Gb disk space, which would give me more room to expand, and although it limits me to 500Gb of bandwidth a month, I know even my biggest website only serves up around 50Gb. It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, compared to Hawkhost's 30 day offer.

    Crocweb's deal appears much better on paper because it gives more flexibility and is cheaper. Have I just answered my own question, or are there hidden aspects I may be over-looking? Stablehost, my other choice, wouldn't even allow me to migrate that one, large website to any of their shared hosting plans, so why the large discrepancy between these three hosts? Is Crocweb's deal too good to be true?

    Anyone any experience comparing Hawkhost with Crocweb?

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    Both are reliable and good providers it just comes down to who will you choose and who will be able to keep up with your needs 24/7. It also sounds like you have some decent sized websites you may want to consider going with a provider that allows multiple sites on one account and so on.

    Also take note of this you want to go with a plan that you can grown on. You don't want to sign up with soveone and then always or quickly have to upgrade to another plan because you outgrow it.

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    With what you're going to be using, I'd give Croc a try. The bandwidth isn't a big deal really. Croc offers more than enough. Hawkhost is using the unlimited gimmick so you know you'll get more than enough with Croc anyway.

    But like I said in your other thread, I haven't used Croc. Hawkhost was great though. I think my account expired when WHT allowed unlimited offers and they switched over, so I can't comment on them after this was allowed. From recent reviews they still seem to be going the same direction - positive.

    From your post though it seems like you already made your decision and just looking for that little push lol
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    hawkhost has been many year. They have lots of good reviews for the uptime. I will choose the hawkhost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rits View Post
    From your post though it seems like you already made your decision and just looking for that little push lol
    You could be right

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    Both hosts have a good reputation round here, so which ever you choose they will do you right.

    I would choose HawkHost just because I like there website more

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    Year ago we bought a small hosting company which was on Crocweb. During the move we find that Crocweb have good up time and connection speed. - Since 2012. Web Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers in more than 10 locations
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    I would a honest suggestion If both are well reputated image then 50GB disk space is quite enough and aviod any low disk space issues.
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    I've been a customer of CrocWeb for quite a while now and would recommend them (not much weight coming from a new member I know). I have quite a few clients with them as well and never had any complaints.

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    +1 for HawkHost

    The service is excellent, the "unlimited" bit is a little gimmicky but service and support remains unchanged. - Take Control Of Your Backups!
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