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    Looking for unmanaged stable small dedicated for less than $100 with cPanel/WHM

    I'm currently with - and I've been with them for more than a decade. They're stable and lovely, but their cheapest option is more than I need.

    I can get a $79/mo + $20/mo cPanel = $100/mo, which is about what I pay now (except that after a couple of years, there's a 5% charge for keeping an older server, so I'm paying $105/mo for a $100/mo server)...

    I'm very interested in who might be able to beat their price, but be stable and trustworthy. They are rock solid, so that's most important to me. But if I can find rock solid at a cheaper price, of course I must consider it.

    US/Canada is a must, unless a provider elsewhere has quick connections to the US/Canada. Prefer good connections to Europe, too.

    I'm willing to consider VPS/cloud if they are fast enough... but I don't have much experience with either as I've only had a dedicated for a decade...

    Specs -- don't know exactly what I need for processor, but I've been plenty okay for the last two, so surely anything out there would be quick enough. 2-4GB/RAM should be enough, and anything above 250GB hard drive should be enough...

    Definitely open to advice.

    I tend towards unmanaged because I think PlatinumServerManagement is a good bang for my buck and is cheaper than a server company would charge for similar service. So I guess technically my budget would be up to $130/mo for managed + cPanel...

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    Have a look into Dedicated hosting offer section ( ). There you can find a couple of hosts with very cheap pricing for your spec.

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    I'd stick with dedicated if that is what you have been on and overall have been happy with. Are you really wanting to migrate over $5/Month? Maybe you should get in touch with them and let them know, they may be able to work something out with you vs losing you as a client.

    If they for what ever reason cannot wiggle around this for you, I'm sure many people will be able to price-match or beat their pricing.

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    how abotut
    they offer
    CPU: Core i7 2600
    Mem: 8GB DDR3 RAM
    HDD: 500GB SATA-II
    HDD: 500GB SATA-II
    BW: 5 TB (100Mbps) + cpanel with softacolous for 92 dollar
    order link :

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    Cpanel price seems to be good at $20/mo normal it's much higher for other providers. - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
    Facilities : Atlanta, Buffalo and Las Vegas
    Web : http://www.serverlogix.comContact Us

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    If your going for a cheap solution please don't forget backups or it may bite you later on!
    RackSRV Communications Limited
    UK specialists in Dedicated Servers & Server Colocation
    Company: 06856870 VAT: GB 934 7073 15 Tel: 0330 111 4444

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin Cisneros View Post
    Are you really wanting to migrate over $5/Month?
    No, not really. But after checking out the offers, and remembering experiences a decade ago with a couple of cheap resellers... Just thought I'd throw this out there and see if I got a reply or two of "Actually, X is really stable and even cheaper than iWeb" - because iWeb's options are inexpensive for what they are, and top dollar; just slightly more than I need.

    From the thread so far, I'm sticking with my known-good choice and sucking it up.

    Thanks to you and other folks that replied; you helped firm up my decision.

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