Be Different Solutions offers dedicated Level 1/2/3 technical support
representatives to Webhosts all around the world. We are a “temp for hire” agency headquartered in San Diego, CA. We hire, train and manage all employees at one central office in the Ukraine.

Be Different Solutions has a 90-day temp requirement, after which we offer two options for direct employment to your company.

1.) After 90 days, you can pay us directly, and we will continue to manage all employee matters.

2.) After 90 days, you take over management matters, and the employees become employed by you.

The most common integration of our employees into a hosting company’s environment is to cover U.S.-based night shifts. Our webhost owners and their morning support representatives appreciate coming into work to find tickets have been properly answered the first time, and key issues were resolved immediately.

At some stage, you need to ask yourself if simply having a person reply to nighttime tickets with, "We are looking at your issue" is really beneficial to your clients – and your current support representatives who get stuck with those tickets.

Some Other Key Benefits Include:

1.) We run a detailed interview process to ensure each person we hire is skilled, trustworthy, responsible for their actions, a self-starter and meets our English requirements. You won't need to invest a few weeks or months into discovering your own remote employees never should have been hired in the first place. We find and hire quality, competent people.

2.) We only offer dedicated representatives. These are your employees. You set their schedule, assign their daily tasks and integrate them fully into your current team. You will not have to worry about them spread-loading their working hours between other hosts, which is all too common with traditional outsourcing options.

3.) We empower you to increase your security and protect client data. You won’t need to worry about client data-mining being done by someone you hire, but have no physical control over. How do you know the person you hired from a great resume is the same person with access to your client management software and servers? Our process and people take away this worrisome guesswork.

4.) Our representatives are working because it is their career. They are not seeking temporary work to get by for a few months, or using your employment as a stepping stone to a better job (something typically found in India-based traditional outsourcing).

Be Different Solutions has strong, deep roots in Webhosting, dating all the way back to 1999. We know exactly what a Webhost who values quality support over cost-savings needs. We prove it. And we guarantee it.

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