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    Where is the cheapest domain ? (US, EU)

    Hello all.

    I want to buy some domain name (.com), what is the cheapest domain registrar, good support, accept pay via paypal and easy transfer to another registrar ?

    Thanks you very much for all your support.


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    Cheapest I've seen is ResellerClub.
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    1,628 is cheaper than ResellerClub, at least for .com anyway.
    Also not sure if ResellerClub provide free private whois.

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    Thanks you for reply. I have register some domain in crazydomain, this is good registar, but renew price is hight

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    Quote Originally Posted by iexo View Post
    Also not sure if ResellerClub provide free private whois.
    Resellerclub is a good choice for resellers. Whois privacy is free.
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    There are many different domain name registrars and domain name resellers.

    It is important that you chose a domain name registrar that is ICANN accredited or choose a reseller that is affiliated with an ICANN accredited domain registrar. Ignore this important first step to choosing the best domain name registrar at your own peril.

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    Yeah i would recommend resellerclub as well.

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    You may find various domain registrars or domain resellers. I recommend you to select the domain registrar, which reveals net price [including ICANN affiliation in their pricing] along with renewal price also. Moreover, it will be more convenient if domain control panel of registrar, provides an ease to handle domains.
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    Thanks you very much. I think ResellerClub is best choose for me. I will try it

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