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    HQ gifs on Photoshop CC

    Hey there,

    I am attempting to make gifs on Adobe Photoshop CC, which I have done many times before, but I just can't seem to make them high quality even when using HQ videos. I've tried messing with the settings, and have tried some techniques I've come across (like sharpening the frame), but no matter what I just can't get that HQ, realistic quality (speckly and whatnot)

    Any suggestions?

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    What option are you using to save them as GIFs ?

    When you select "Save for web", you'd have a dialog box with various options to optimize the image quality. Select the highest options such as 256 colors & dithering options.

    However, you'd not receive the same quality as in a PNG or a JPEG, as GIF is a lossy format. - Web Design / Re-Design Services
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