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    Recommendations for ecommerce store hosting

    I am looking to create a number of e-commerce stores using wordpress and woocommerce. I tried hosting on my shared hosting plans and the webstore is really slow, so I am looking for something a little more powerful.

    What do most people do for hosting ecommerce stores? is a vps a good option for this? are there other options? reseller?

    I am not sure about what possible solutions there are, so looking for recommendations from all the experts here.

    thanks much

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    If you can find a decent shared Host that would be enough for the beginning. Out of curiosity, how many sites will you create?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lvteos234 View Post
    I tried hosting on my shared hosting plans and the webstore is really slow, so I am looking for something a little more powerful.
    This will depend on what kind of site you are running and how many plugins, modules, pictures, etc... you have. Shared hosting do some limitation so this might be the reason it is slow.

    If you have the budget, VPS would be a good option.
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    You should choose a host that supports magento commerce shopping cart software within its hosting plans. It is an open source solution that allows you to develop an e-commerce site quickly , it greatly simplifies the design and development of e-commerce store.

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    you can choose better supports for magento ecommerce shopping cart software which open source solution for ecommerce store

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    Thanks, I will be looking to host 1-2 sites initialy but I may add more later, which is also one of the reasons that I'm leaning towards a vps may be a good option since it is scalable.

    From reading this forum I'm learning that vps comes in two flavor, managed and unmanaged. I am thinking managed is probably a better option since I wont have to worry about supporting the software/os etc.

    Any recommendations for good managed vps hosting (and approximate costs of how much I should expect to pay)? I presume this is the place to be when it comes to good hosting recommendations.

    Also, do managed vps come with cpanel. If I want to host 3 sites on the vps, each with its own cpanel, how does this work? will I have to pay extra for cpanel or it is included in the managed vps.


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