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    Best counter to use for website?

    Much apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong section. Does anyone here have a favorite basic counter to track how many visitors view your website a day?

    The counter must only show unique visitors, not hits from same person over and over.

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    I forgot to note that I tried It's also supposed to track returning visitors but it's not tracking re-visits correctly when I tested it!

    EDIT: nevermind, it looks like it only counts repeat visits that are at least 2 hrs apart.
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    Statcounter is the best in my opinion

    Hi Frosty,

    StatCounter is the best in my opinion. StatCounter is free, logs uniqiue visits and separates repeat visits by ip address. It gives you so much details about each visit besides their ip address like how they found your website, where they're from globally, how long their visit was, what webrowser they was using, keyword they entered into a search engine and so much more.

    StatCounter is mentioned alot through most news sources and IT sites.

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    Thanks, I just tried it for first time. It does works well

    I'm now trying to find out where it shows the IP address of each visitor.

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