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    (Advice) Webhosting allowing "query port"

    Hello my friends,

    i dont post too much here, but i always read to know more and more about hosting from 2010 .

    The thing is that now i need your help. I'm building a website which is like or websites.

    It gets info from live game servers to show them in a list.

    The problem is my webhosting doesnt allow to get this info from other game servers, i dont know if it is something related with UDP , TCP query that is not allowed.

    Do you know any webhosting that allows this?

    PD: The script works just fine in my personal computer.


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    Get a VPS where you are in control of the firewall settings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GORF View Post
    Get a VPS where you are in control of the firewall settings.
    Thank you , well that is the last option, for that reason im trying to look for a webhosting first. If not able to find one i will buy a vps.

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    This isn't what shared web hosting is for.
    For that, you're going to need to go with a VPS (virtual server), as that's not "web hosting".
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