Many of you have been waiting for this module for so long. Your awaiting didn't went to waste. Owing to your priceless feedback, we were able to make one of the best module improvements in the entire career of ModulesGarden.
This is how from Resellers For WHMCS 1.0, a new module was created Resellers Center For WHMCS 2.0.

ModulesGarden Resellers Center For WHMCS 2.0 is a versatile module which allows your resellers to manage their own customers and their orders in WHMCS! Owing to our module, subclients through your resellers, can easily order services directly from you!
Resellers Center For WHMCS 2.0 introduces entirely new solution branding! From now on your resellers can offer their clients products, services and domains maintaining their own brand.

This and much more new features are listed in the changelog below. You won't be disappointed.


New Features:
  • Reseller's Branding Area (CNAME, template, logo)
  • Multi-Language support
  • Possibility to edit email templates by resellers for their subclients
  • First level of support for subclients
  • Possibility to assign specific product groups to specific client groups
  • Resellers list at the addon
  • Information about subclients assigned to the product in the resellers client area
  • Information highlighted in green or red about integration codes status
  • Possibility to add subclient during order creation in resellers area
  • Module homepage with helpful hints
  • New addon tab with resellers sales

  • Subclients list at the addon
  • Bug: After deletion of subclient, package associated with the subclient becomes available for other resellers
  • Bug: Invoice PDF with subclient details
  • Fixed compatibility with other ModulesGarden's modules
  • Addon display with full width
  • Minor fixes

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Coming Before Christmas:

  • Report Generator For WHMCS will allow you to generate amazing and flexible reports from any kind of WHMCS data!
  • Domains Resellers 1.2 with IP restricting per user, email forwarding management, dns records management, private domains management and more!

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