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    Content Copied Websites Hosted on DataShack, LLC

    The owner of these 3 websites

    which are hosted on DataShack, LLC have copied my website articles about 15 articles. I am unable to contact the website owner through email as is invalid, then I email hosting company DataShack, LLC

    But DataShack, LLC is not responding.

    Can anyone help me in this regard.

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    You should complain to DMCA. They advise you how deal with your copied content. Please do not delete the email which you have send to LLC cause the DMCA may ask for it.

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    Continue to call and email the hosting provider's staff. If that doesn't work, try a C&D to them, and lastly use a lawyer to submit one. They should get the message after awhile. Just stay with it...
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    I agree with John, they must do something about it.

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