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    Advantages of bash socket programming !!


    A newbie question. Could you please let me know the advantages of bash socket programming on linux. I have found tons of sites regarding this but couldn't understand it as i am new to this field. Please provide me some basic concept to start with.


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    How about a bash guide for beginners?:
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    It depends on what it's compared to, if you have the option of programming the sockets in java vs bash then bash would be better. (because java would have to break out of the VM in order to access sockets as opposed to bash which wouldn't have to) But if your dilemma is c vs bash, there is virtually no difference. (assuming you program well)

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    Using bash for socket programming in my opinion is not good choose the best option is using C lang. For what you need socket programming ?.

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    For general sockets, C is the best if you can code and use it on a specific server. If you need more high level functions and ability to run of different machines, go for Perl. It's close enough to system for most usages.

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