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    Check If NS2 is working

    How can I check if NS2 will work correct if NS1 fails?

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    How is it setup?

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    Use only ns2 for a test domain and see if it resolves.
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    This may sound silly, but shutdown or disconnect NS1 briefly, and then test domain resolution (DNS) from another computer that hasn't recently cached the domain. If you get a DNS response, it must have come from NS2. I assume that NS1 and NS2 are not running on the same DNS server.

    Note: I also assume that the DNS lookup wasn't cached upstream, either. Perhaps using a cellphone to check (via a separate network such as the cell network instead of wifi) would be a good way to test.

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    Got a windows machine anywhere? You can tell nslookup which DNS server to use:
    Example command:
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