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    Will work for free...(and fun) - read post for "the catch"

    The catch: The work must appeal to me. I would especially be interested in any work related to cloud computing (aws, vmware etc) clustering or development work on an interesting project in Ruby/ROR. I am also open to new ideas - perhaps you have some sort of interesting prototyping idea or a cool infrastructure project you want to test and for which you don't have the labor budget.

    My background: I have been working as a SysAdmin since 1998 and have worked for the following companies (PNC Bank, BlueCrossBlue Shield, Alabanza (before it was sold to VALinux, VALinux (before it went bankrupt) , Alabanza (after it was sold back to itself from VALinux, Navisite (After Alabanza sold itself to Navisite - No I was not responsible for the Navisite migration meltdown ;-) ), OneWorldHosting (great host! btw), HostGator (Senior LinuxAdmin) and finally...... iNetInteractive (the fine people who run WebHostingTalk) as their DevOps.

    Why: This is a sabbatical for me. I'm interested in making new connections both with people in the industry and with new technologies.

    References can be provided.

    You can pay me if you want to or if you must (e.g your board/budget/ceo require it). I do love cigars also but most of all I love interesting projects.

    Feel free to contact me with your ideas, proposals or just to chat and to become acquainted.

    PM me here or send email to [email protected]

    Thanks everyone!

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    Please send your resume to: James+Resume [at]

    We have an interesting project coming up which may interest you.

    Note to others: Please do not send unsolicited resumes to me as they'll be ignored.
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