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    Question regarding starting a tech forum

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going to start a tech forum(support for a S/w lets say A) where in users can discuss there issues and upgrade problems. I am also working in the same company which made the software A. Are there any laws or contracts that i am breaching? Do companies allow their employees to engage in such activities? I am new to US so wanted to know if I will get into trouble?


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    I guess it would depend on what you were discussing on the forums. If you were disclosing 'inside' information you could find trouble coming your way. If it's just generic support, it may be fine.
    If it's still questionable for you, you could run it by the boss?
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    If it's still questionable for you, you could run it by the boss?
    Agreed. It really depends on what your employer allows. Did you sign an employee handbook or confidentiality agreement when you were hired? Do either speak to this? Honestly, I would be surprised if your employer would be happy with you moving forward with this independently of your job.

    I would suggest going to your employer and asking. In fact, you could even suggest that you create this type of user forum as part of your job. Your employer might like the idea and the initiative--seeing this in a much more favorable light than doing this on your own--which your employer might see as running around them or blind siding them.

    I would check with the employer... It's not worth finding out that you can't do this and losing your job as a consequence.


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    Read the documents that you were given and signed when you were hired. Do they have a conflict of interest policy?

    If you have any further questions or you need further clarification ask your employer.

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    Yes I think the safest way is to discuss it with your employer. They will be glad to see that you are enthusiast about your work to a point where you want to start your own forum with it.

    Speaking about starting up a forum, comes to mind for your future reference.
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    I agree - talk to your boss, but depending on the corporate structure of your company, he/she may not actually be in a position to provide you with sound legal advice.

    Quote Originally Posted by jrianto View Post
    Speaking about starting up a forum, comes to mind for your future reference.

    Agree 100% with using URLJET as a host. I've dealt with them for ~2 years now and am 99.99% satisfied.

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