I was in the market for a cPanel VPS on a stable network that was physically located in Canada. I quickly discovered there are very few options, and even fewer with positive reviews. I was delighted to find FullHost, and here's my review. tl;dr: YOU JUST SIGN WITH FULLHOST RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!

VPS plan

I chose FullHost's 1GB managed VPS. This is more than sufficient for the few sites I host. I need a VPS not because of resource consumption but for some custom configuration that I find useful. Their managed VPS does not come with root SSH access but it does allow normal SSH access and root WHM access.

It may be worth it to note that FullHost does not advertise unlimited space/bandwidth on any of its plans, including its shared hosting plans. This is not intended to start a debate about the merits of advertising "unlimited" but I do like supporting companies that demonstrate truth in advertising.

Server and network performance

I certainly have no complaints here. My old VPS (with relatively similar specs) averaged a load of about 0.40 with spikes around 1.75. My FullHost VPS averages a load of...less than that. Here's what it looked like when I checked during a recent busy work day:

[~]# uptime
 10:44:44 up 36 days, 14:09,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
Yes I do think I have capacity to spare.

[~]# wget -O /dev/null http://speedtest.sea01.softlayer.com/downloads/test100.zip
73.4M/s   in 1.4s
I wish I had speeds like that at home.

Technical support

I was impressed that I quickly received meaningful replies to my tickets well into the evening. I also was delighted with the support I received by chat. The person who assisted me in chat is also one of the people that answers tickets and appears to be a sysadmin.

FullHost advertises a 24-48 hour lead time to provision a VPS which is probably useful to reduce fraud. They noticed on their own that my site was offline and asked if I wanted the process expedited. I attempted to bribe them by offering to send a case of their favourite beer if they could get the VPS running that day. They very politely refused the beer but the server was fully operational a couple of hours later. They offered to migrate my cPanel accounts which I was not aware that I did have access to do myself but it was nice to sit back and let someone else do the work.

I requested the installation of an Apache module during setup, and filed another ticket a few days later to ask for a script to be installed as root. I marked this second ticket "Low" priority. In spite of that, the first response was in 10 minutes to say they were working on it, and a short time later to say they were finished. I haven't needed to request technical support since those two tickets but it's nice to know the server is fully managed in case I need help with something.


Besides Mod Security, my server has ConfigServer Security&Firewall. I've been inspecting the logs and it seems to be effective in blocking port scans and some other attacks. It's integrated with WHM so it's convenient to use, and also produces some nice graphs about resource consumption.


I've left my former employer so no longer use the FullHost server, but my employer still does. I would like to thank FullHost very much for everything. Please keep on being awesome.

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