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    Post Allseen Alliance, tech giants plan Internet of Things. TV pokes stereo offline - on?

    In the near future your TV, computer, dish washer and other products will be able to communicate with each other, sharing data of their operation and their owner's doings at home or away.

    Media outlets are reporting that the Linux Foundation's Allseen Alliance, which includes many tech giants, plans an Internet of Things using an open source software framework called AllJoyn from Qualcomm. AllJoyn provides the ability for every single device equiped with it to communicate with each other regardless of what they are. Some of the companies that have signed on include LG, Sharp, Haier, Panasonic, Sears, Cisco, TP-Link and many others.

    Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation said "Engineers already are implementing this code in products being sold today. We look forward to more product announcements at CES,".

    All of this could happen over existing technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ethernet as well as future radio and transport technologies, said Zemlin.

    Privacy hasn't been brought up as of yet, but do you think it could become an issue? Should these devices be marked as having this technology if they aren't already marked? Would you like your TV to notify your stereo to join in powering down since you fell asleep on your sofa?
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