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    Domain with 50,000 indexed pages

    And PR zero. Will this be of any use to me?

    Can I monetize it in any way?

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    If you have 50,000 pages with unique, legal,and worthwhile content you should be able to put Adsense or other ads on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tulipz View Post
    And PR zero. Will this be of any use to me?

    Can I monetize it in any way?
    What is on these 50k pages? Is the content unique? Did you check it with Copyscape? Duplicated content is near worthless and may even get your domain penalized.

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    Depends on the content. If you were to try and sell it, the buyer would want to know the topic of the content. Is it all based on one topic/theme, or on 50,000?
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    yes. got to check if the contents are unique.

    if not unique, it is worthless even if it comes with millions of indexed pages.

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    As always contents are very important. Otherwise, thousands of pages will mean nothing.

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