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    When to back order?

    Hi all,

    The domain is with network solutions with deletion date 15-dec.

    . I plan to back order - when is the best time to do it?

    Also, how do I check if there is competition?

    Thanks for your help! I am new to this domain catching thingy...

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    Hi Tulipz

    Essentially there's not really any way to know if there's competition or not.

    As a really general rule, the more desirable the domain, the more competition there is likely to be!

    When you place the back order shouldn't really make any difference as long as it's before the drop date.
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    Namejet has an exclusive deal with Network Solutions, so look into them. I have used them and love them. As far as when, I would wait until day before or so. Backorders can be listed...why add competition?

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    I am 99% sure that there is waste of money backordering a domain name if we are talking about a strong domain.

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    It's a .com of my small business' name. No key words etc. it had only 90 global searches last year.

    My only problem is, domain is owned by someone else...this guy registered it in march2013.... I own the .net registered nov 2013. I've been running this business since 3yrs. I should have registered the domains!

    .com is now becoming available. I want it.

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    Well, if you use namejet you dont pay unless they get it, so no risk. I have grabbed some great domains this way. I am always surprised by what people let drop.

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    Your best off backordering it through multiple companies. Only one can catch it so in the end you'll only owe money to one company. NameJet, SnapNames,, BackorderZone, DynaDot..You can backorder the same domain through all of these companies.

    If the deletion date is set for the 15th you should probably backorder it between the 12-14th...which has already passed lol.

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