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    MrAztek using Enom and Namecheap to steal domains from Godaddy

    Hi i would like your help to solve this big problem, "MrAztek" that also use this forums with that nickname is a criminal who since 2006 is stealing domains for others using fake IDs to do identity thief and get access to accounts at GoDaddy, then he transfer the domains to or he have a lot of accounts there with fake alias like "Idalia Guevara" and to win the transfer disputes send fake paypal screenshots, fake conversations claiming that he bought the domains so Enom and Namecheap believe this rubbish doesn't do a deep investigation like ask him to send a picture of him with his ID on his hand, or check if the paypal transaction ID is valid at paypal resolution center.

    So, this user stole my domain at Novemeber 19th, and he have stole many domains like,,,,,,,, etc. All the same way

    What tips can you give me to get this criminal behind bars and recover my domain?

    By the way i have a lot of proofs about this, and also the real name and info of this thief who use a lot of fake names and alias

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    So, this user stole my domain at Novemeber 19th, and he have stole many domains like,,,,,,,, etc. All the same way
    How did he get access to your GoDaddy account?

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    He make fake ids, so he first do a WHOIS to the domain, i didn't had any private options so my fullname and email was public available, then, MrAztek make a fake ID with my name on it, he contact godaddy support, and tell them he lost access to the account and email of the domain, but with his identity thief with the fake ID with my name on it, he could fool godaddy support to believe the history, and GoDaddy support give him a reset link to his email address, even this email address is was not the one of the account or the domain, just because they believe in the Fake ID MrAztek sent

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    If the situation is as you say it is then it's a criminal matter and you should report it to the police.

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    I have reported to FBI and to LAPD but while the case is taking its course, my domain still stolen, thats why i was looking for some advice so i can recover my stolen domain faster

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    Have you forwarded the crime reference to the registrars involved? No doubt the police will contact them in due course, but as you say these things take their time. If you forward whatever reference you were given by the police then hopefully the registrars will realise that there has been foul play, and may be more willing to help.

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    I have tell both registrars GoDaddy (where i had my domain) and Enom where is it now, but none wants to do nothing, even i have gave it a lot of proofs and detailed history, and also the police report, they say that they just can do something with a court order, is really frustrating that companies like GoDaddy or Enom accept domain theft as an everyday thing and do nothing about it, the criminal who stole me looks like is stealing domains from godaddy since 2006 the same way, sending fake ids, and all his stolen domains are at Enom

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