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    Angry Need advice on updating Unixy Varnish plugin - Opened ticket: 8 days without response


    I am trying to get an advice on how I can upgrade the NginxCP plugin that comes with the Unixy Varnish Nginx bundle, because the version Unixy uses is 3.6 and the latest version is 4.7. I want to update it by my own for full compatibility with Apache 2.4, however to do that I need to uninstall it and install it again. The problem is, I don't know if Unixy has changed the NginxCP files, so I don't know what files I have to backup prior to uninstall nginxcp.

    This was my ticket:

    Do I need to backup any configuration files before uninstalling the nginxcp plugin and then installing the new one? If so, which files?
    I am concerned that if I uninstall it and install again I will have problems with the port nginx is listening to.
    Also, when using this plugin, when a user access my websites, is the flow below correct? 
    User > Nginx > Varnish > Apache 
    Thank you.
    So, does anybody know what procedure I should follow to update this thing?
    Thank you.

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    For my server I use NginxCP and an OPCache, I did not really need varnish. this frees me to update Nginx with each stable release. With Unixy plugin, each piece dance with the other so you would have to wait for them to update the code to incorporate the changes of the new release.

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