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    Website Help

    I want to make a website that gets the value or price of a certain item from another website and displays it. I searched everywhere and can't find an asnwer

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    Can you post what website you need to get data from some ppl will probably answer easier with real example.

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    Also what sort of items are your talking about? Do you want it to display the price from a certain website or just find the best price?

    People probably cant help you with specific information.

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    I want to get the price of worldcoins from coinmarketcap(dot)com/ and post it on my website. so whenever it updates there it updates on mine.

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    From ,y understanding you want to make a website with the following data and store it on yours and when changes happen you would like your website to update.

    First you would need permission from the website owner to be able to do this

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    Like others said you should ask site owner, but if you are able to make some python app this code could help:

    import requests
    url = requests.get('')
    bitcoin_rate = url.text.split('jump-btc-usd" class="price-usd">')[1].split('</a>')[0].strip()
    print bitcoin_rate
    you can try it in console. Just add other coins in code and you have it all.

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    use file get contents or cURL for php then parsing the page

    this site doesn't allow mr to post the example code

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    You could use AJAX to do that. I won't go into the details as you can find enough info on AJAX for beginner sites, but it would work for reading remote values. Again you may need permission to do that though.
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    What you need is a web scraper. Try (python) Web Scraper (perl) or BeautifulSoup (python)

    I do a lot of scraping and it is a pain - web sites change all the time and you have to update the script

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    What language do you use. With java, i used Jsoup.

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