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    Question What is emails are crossing automated thresholds


    What does that mean and how can i solve it?

    I am just sending bulk mails from my forum...

    "Your IP-addresses are listed by DNS blacklists.You are listed because your emails are crossing automated thresholds. "

    Thank you

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    This indicates you're sending emails too quickly. If your forum software is sending a ton of emails, you'll likely do better routing those emails through a hosted SMTP relay such as SendGrid or JangoSMTP. - Ditch your slow host and choose the best!

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    All forums are sending very fast bulk mails and ido not thing this is the problem

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    Where do you see this? Ask your provider if bulk mail servers are allowed in their network and explain your use case. They might help you with a solution because nobody likes to be in blacklists. - dedicated servers for your business
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