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    My experience with OVH servers after 6 months

    I got this server in July,14 2013,I decided set the server as slave xen to run virtual machines, after the firs month loosing time and money finally made it run with the first blocks of IP addresses,after 2 weeks I have received massage of defect in you server HDD bad, they replaced it, but I loaded the information of the virtual machines again, thank you got that I had backups,it was in Sep, 12 2013, by Sep 19, 2013 I have received another email, since the server has been rebooting so many times, defect in server again, now was Power supply replacement, that was fast and server came up again,Honey moon for a month, by Oct,23 2013, defect on the server, operation replacement, now memory RAM, my server in rescue mode and again remount the disk myself and load all services,after two week working like ok and give little peace, buuummmm!!!!, server jumping and rebooting like basketball ball, I started mitigation on all the Vm's, checking the anti DDos, virus, etc, one by one, found nothing, make test and others, contracted specialize tech support to find out, found nothing.
    We did the last test, turning all VMs off and disconnecting the server from the network and the server still rebooting, well, surprise!!!, I got the new email indicating other operation replacement, they changed now the motherboard and as before, I have to reconfigure all my Costumers VMs Mac address.
    Just I will leave here make your conclusions and I would like to read some opinions about it

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    I had an OVH server in March time. My experience was the same. I found it bad that there server would go offline all of a sudden and as i use the server for virtual machines it was no good. Support was terrible as i found once emailing OVH it take about a day for a reply. Although they have brought back the servers. I will purchase one and see if the dedicated servers have improved.

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