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    Server for movie streaming

    I need your advice on hardware and platfrom requirement for my movie streaming( VOD) website. At the beginning to we need to stream about 50k movies( 1-2 hours) but this volume can go up to 500k movies per day. And we expect almost 30% of users connected at the same time in evening hours.
    What platforms we can use for PPV, subscriptions and ad supported free streaming and what cofig of dedicated servers we are going to need for this. We can afford to pay but for free movies we need to watch cost per GB bandwidth( hosting firms calls data transfer- bandwidth). I appreciate your time and contribtion for this.
    Thanks and regards.

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    I would go with a quad core dedicated server with. What you really should care is about the bandwidth. For a HD quality movie you have to count about 1.5 mbps/customer and that is upload for you.

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    The only way to do this competitively is to use P2P streaming imho. Kind of like bittorrent. Where your server is the seeder but the viewers all share a little bit of their upload to help feed other viewers.

    That is what a lot of VOD streamers seem to be doing. Take a look at

    To try host all upload on your server requires massive bandwidth and you won't be able to compete with the P2P guys. Depending on what you are doing you should also have all video pre-encoded which lowers your hardware requirements considerably.
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    we need secure streaming

    Thanks for your responses. P2P is not possible as we need secure streaming. Yes all videos will be pre eccoded. I am not looking for some cheap solution. I am just trying to understand how much we need to get in terms of hardware, bandwidth and which platfrom options do we have and what will it cost.

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    Streaming of the videos should not take lots of resources since it is not your server which does the playback. Therefore as I have mentioned your main issue is the bandwidth. What I would suggest to get a mid-high end server with 8-16GB or RAM and see what is your limit and set up a load balancing so that you can add more servers as they are needed.

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    Streaming tames much resources and usually offshore hosting provides offer that.

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    Amazon offer Wowza, and has load balancing. They are not super cheap, but you could start small and ram up or use eleastic load balancing.

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    For such an amount, placing your servers in different location may save some bandwidth fee.

    In Asia, International Bandwidth including China region is around 10-100 times more expensive than in the US.
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    Some calculations:
    50k movies per day
    30% concurrent
    so, 50 * 0.3 = 15k concurrent streams

    depending on the movie quality, we'll need to have different throughput capacities:
    a. 1Mbps movie streaming -> 15 Gbps capacity
    b. 2Mbps movie streaming -> 30 Gbps capacity
    c. 4Mbps movie streaming -> 60 Gbps capacity

    You'll need servers with enough network capacity to support this service.

    Services like Amazon who charge per GB transferred might be too expensive.
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    Any unmetered host will probably price you right out of the market. What is the quality / bitrate of these movies. If they aren't HD then you might be able to get away with something in a lower(ish) price range.

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    It seems you have to connect few 1gbps servers with a load balancer to cover your bandwidth, its the cheapest way.
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    Would like to run my own movie streaming website!
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    Trying to find agreement with serverstack com

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    maybe look at some of the 100tb offers dedicated server hosters offer, such as leaseweb for example..

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    So is illegal... I guess.
    If so, I dont think any providers withing the US will be suitable.

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    When getting into VOD it's a difficult business. You need to create a fully horizontally scalable environment with 1+ origin servers that contain all your file storage and act as your "Master" Streaming node. Then your going to need to have "Edge" servers with local fast storage for caching of repeatedly requested content. This will allow you to scale up your IOPs for delivery.

    Essentially, what is going to happen is your edge servers will recieve the request. Then they will check the cache if it is there it will load local and stream straight out. However, in the case of a cache miss what will happen is your edge node will then send the request to the origin server request from him and proxy back out through the edge. Then store that request locally in cache for the next hit.

    Your going to need to have multiple either 100TB transfer servers or 1Gbps+ servers to spread the load out at the edge. Streaming is a highly bandwidth, Storage IO, and Latency intensive business.

    Let me know if you want more specifics.
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