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    Help! Free panel for Centos 6 / Debian 6 / Fedora 17 / Ubuntu 13

    Hi guys!

    Please help a server super noob out I just got a new host which has excellent lines and everything but that doesnt offer any commercial control panels - Directadmin, WHM etc. We were thinking of installing Kloxo but now saw that it doesnt support Centos6 which is the only centos distro we can get. Do you have any suggestions on a free CP that is easy to use (not webmin) and that works with any of these distros?

    Centos 6.3
    Debian 6+7
    Fedora 17
    Gentoo 130627
    Ubuntu 12
    Ubuntun 13 server
    Vyatta Core 6

    Cheers and advance merry xmas!

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    This comes up constantly, search the forums and you'll find countless threads. Here's a recent one.
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    Hi Phidelio,

    You can try "zpanel" in your server. A good opensource control panel. Its easier to manage and far better than kloxo. I recommend "Zpanel" for your cent os 6.x server. Minimum requirements for instlling zpanel server is below.

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    zpanel and ispconfig, but why don't you buy a DirectAdmin or a cpanel license from some of the resellers?|Virtual Private Servers|Dedicated Servers|
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    I'd recommend webuzo.
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    I recomend Webmin and virtualmin for a free control panel.
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    Do you need a control panel for selling hosting (including things like managing email and reseller accounts) or is it only to run websites?
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    Hi guys! I didnt know I could but I actually bought DAdmin from another site which solved the problem. Many thanks for the help and comments Merry xmas

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