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    * 4-year concise review of Rimuhosting VPS: More than EXCELLENT

    This is the first time to write a review about a host. While I use hosts for personal, business, and company since 1998 with dozen providers of all types, except dedi/colo.

    Rimu is a role-model top VPS provider.
    - System:
    Their own VPS control panel is awesome (I think it's Drupal based?). It's very fast, everything is automated, changing VPS resources, along with previewing costs, then applying changes.. great great.. error-free.
    I never encounter any error in any aspect of their system.
    Plus: I remember when I discovered a small bug (when changing something in the VPS order, may be a city of datacenter, it didn't change or so ) they gave us a credit worth of dollars as a thank you and Peter (CEO) was in direct contact with me for that.

    Cannot remember how many times I send them server tech requests, and they deal with it VERY professionally, and very timely.

    A network of sys admin professionals in different countries pick my ticket in minutes, passing it to one of them, and all our requests never took more than minutes to get at least a "assigned to (name)" status..

    They have never failed us, or come late, never.

    Online chat is great. Very rare to have nobody there.. very rare. They are there most of times.

    They document every and each command they make to tune the system up or fix a problem, and send it in the ticket reply.

    They helped us numerously, while we have no system administrator, they helped us fix and upgrade things AT NO COST!
    Exactly as they advertised their service as a better replacement for shared hosting.

    In short:
    The company I work for still very happy customer for them, and as a decision maker, I recommend rimuhosting for their service, system, prices, and sales/relations too.

    This is review is really over due, and I wanted to post it at least a year or two years before today.

    Oh, remembered.. I even created a facebook group called: Rimu Hosting Happy Customers two years ago..

    Thank you all guys at Rimu Hosting for your patience, high professionalism, deep understanding of their work, stable and secure network and servers,.. what else?? Just: THANK YOU great guys.. you made us feel safe and secure with our business websites and emails.

    If I got more time in future, I would post a very detailed review on how you treat your customers very well, provide 'reasonable' help for free as possible as you can.. and charge only if the sys work needs hours.. or high complication..

    Rimu is a model of industry success and adherence to best practices.. IMHO
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    Thanks very much for taking the time to post this review. Our guys work hard providing great support. Its always great when we can take a little hassle out of our customers' hosting! - VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting since 2003 - Peace of Mind Web Site Monitoring

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    Quote Originally Posted by retep View Post
    Thanks very much for taking the time to post this review. Our guys work hard providing great support. Its always great when we can take a little hassle out of our customers' hosting!
    in fact.. this is a very fraction of the complete review your team deserves,
    with the huge time, CARE, PROFESSIONALISM, you proved all the time, the huge efforts you must have put in developing your VPS control panel, which is incorporated very seamlessly with your website CMS, the typical cycle of handling of every ticket.. the server monitoring, and the very knowledgeable staff you have.
    You saved us lots of money, when you never tried to upsell any service, license, or hourly-work.. when you can, and if not taking much time, you just do it for us for free, including upgrading some CMS scripts sometimes, updating the control panel Plesk, while it's not a fully managed service, and you are not required to do any!!

    Everything with you is excellent, above expectations, and very appreciated.

    I look to you as a real example of how people in this industry can focus, and succeed, and keeping all great customer-retention, corporate best practice values in place at the same time.

    Very impressed.. thank you again
    Keep the great work!

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