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    Prevent IDM to progressively download the video !!


    We're running a website like youtube where people watch and share videos. The issue we're facing now a days, is progressive downloading using Internet Download Manager. Most of the clients reported the issue that IDM didn't let them stream the video and directly fetch the link and download it for them, it causes the player to show error "unable to stream video".

    At the same time, IDM doesn't irritate youtube or videos. If you stream the dailymotion video, IDM will fetch that video into small segments and that way the'll be able to stream videos without letting anyone progressively download it.

    We're using nginx to server static content i.e vides,images for our site. Is there a way we can prevent users to progressively download the videos from the site ?

    Please suggest me something regarding it.


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    Hi shahzaibcb and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

    A couple points of great interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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