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    1 site on 2 vps, visitor connect with random vps

    I have 2 vps, and in both vps i have same site

    and i want when visitor visit on my site it randly connect with any vps

    How can i do this?
    Please suggest me in breif

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    For this you need a load balancer like Nginx or HA proxy. Make a search with those terms and you will find the answer.
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    It depends on your reason for doing so.

    Like said above, you could use nginx or HA.

    You could use look into round robin DNS too.

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    You can achieve this by round robin DNS. - the name says it all!
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    Take in consideration also the cookies for the websites if it needs login , the capacity of load of the servers,etc .

    If you need to preserve for a user the sessions and cookies you can use Nginx with sticky session module.

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