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    Should i upgrade my dedicated server?

    I have a dedicated server with 4 processors
    GenuineIntelIntel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D525 @ 1.80GHz1800.000 MHz 512 KB
    4GB RAM
    500GB SATAII Primary Drive
    500GB SATAII Backup Drive
    5TB Monthly Bandwidth
    I am running 140 cms database driven websites (average small business type sites 1GB space and receiving avg 200-500 hits per month, all have email redirected into gmail) on this server and have been recommended to upgrade as I was told the server ran out of memory - is this unusual?
    The load averages are around 2 /4 cpus at busy times

    There is a firewall blocking China , Russian ips due to past hacking and to keep the load down from spam bots.
    What kind of spec would you recommend for me? Do you think i need to upgrade?
    I appreciate any advise

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    The atom is not very powerfull when it comes to a lot of processing.
    Seems like you have extensive database usage, as your are running a lot of cms driven websites.
    You can probably improve a bit by adding an SSD drive for cache or something. But a better processor will definately help you if you are near the resource limits.

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    use top command to find what is using maximum memory. May be some MySQL / Apache optimization helps you.
    Also check memory usage using command
    free -m
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