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    Anybody used ?

    I was checking them out, i rang the number at 3:21 pm menu asked me whether i wanted tech support or sales or e.t.c, tried both options and they went to an orange answer machine after a bit of ringing around 3pm (they're active 9am-5pm mon-fri apparently)

    Seems iffy to me and their company number isn't showing up on a .gov site i used but is on another site but the domain, it's expiring on dec 24th, i left msg on their facebook asking it forward to orange answerphone and got no answer yet since yesterday.

    They're sponsored by godaddy their domain i believe is, but godaddy is not associated with them, they just rent a domain or something from godaddy.

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    If you're not already with them I'd give them a miss tbh. If their 0844 number goes to an Orange answerphone then they're obviously forwarding it to a mobile number. The domain is registered at GoDaddy, which anyone can do, and their address on whois looks like a street address, it's also not listed as a business domain. As for expiring soon, perhaps an oversite, or just not got around to it yet.

    Overall it gives a very unprofessional impression imho, not something that inspires any confidence. Their loss I'd say. As the teacher used to say "Could do better"
    I've learned so much from my mistakes - I'm going to make some more!

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