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    Advice on hosting for site and audio servers

    We run a single Wordpress website that uses podpress to generate our audio feeds. Using custom posts we have around 100 feeds some of as large as 350 items.

    When a user downloads it goes via the website which redirects to the audio server which at the moment is on the same server as website but was always separate.

    We having issues with IIS and wordpress so thought to put on separate server, also our audio files could easily go on to a less powerful machine but perhaps to serve them faster a better....?


    1. Website
    300 000 page views a month
    Spikes on certain days due to certain popular figure whose content we host
    Db - 50mb
    No dramatic code, except for the large RSS feeds and there growing size

    2: Audio Server - we use a sub domain
    We do about 150GB daily but that is because we using IIS bit rate throttling as we only allowed 20TB a month (hetzner)
    We also spike as mentioned above, which thousands of downloads
    Audio averaging around 25mb per mp3
    100GB of content with another 400GB to come and more as we grow

    Should we host these separately the website and the audio?

    We also had a problems with cloudflare whilst it worked for www traffic from certain browsers it did not work ie downloading. The user visits the site via CF then clicks on a mp3 download which then rediects to the sub domain which is not via cf and then things go wrong, times out or takes minutes to load mp3.
    We would like to use cf for protection and cdn services.

    In hosting our audio server what is important network speed? Do we need a ds?
    We using hetzner ex40

    We use this server which has 200mbit guaranteed and 1gbs connection, it is also in Europe which is great for our users as per analytics.

    Wordpress issues occur which is hard to fix as we not full time getting help online was much easier when we hosted with linux, we used dream press before was slow for us, also varnish caching did not work with podpress as when you did an auto detect it would function , DH we're not going to fix that so hence we just chuck it on same server as our audio for now.

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    Are you using cloudflare though a hosting provider?

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    Post Hi,

    "We also had a problems with cloudflare whilst it worked for www traffic from certain browsers it did not work ie downloading"

    Are the downloads large or take a long time? If yes, you might want to have downloads on something like that we don't touch in your DNS settings.
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