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    I need some advice on choosing VPS

    I have not experience in using VPS, I'm looking for a VPS
    It is:
    space: 30GB
    Bandwidth: 500GB
    Monthly Price<=$30

    Can anyone give me some advice, which provider should I choose?

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    Have a look in the offers section, I am sure you can find what you are looking for:
    Check out our premium self-managed SSD VPS

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    I need some advice on choosing VPS

    Any VPS provider recommend for site that located in Singapore?

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    Managed VPS generally comes with cPanel.
    You have a decent budget. Check VPS offer section and short list few providers. And then search for their reviews on WHT and Google.
    Check they may fit your requirement.
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    Your price is on the low side, regarding managed VPS node, but there is a chance.
    If you drop the management requirement and learn how to manage it yourself (there are many tutorials available) you can save some bucks and get a better node.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khuedhsp View Post
    Any VPS provider recommend for site that located in Singapore?
    Asian VPS are not very cheap due to the expensive bandwidth there, check oneasiahost for budget offers or if you want something reliable go for softlayer.

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    Up your budget slightly and check out FutureHosting and KnownHost!

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    If you're amenable to US location, a lot of managed vps in the offers section fit your budget. You can check vpscreed I think they're running a promo

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