Hi Everyone. I am looking for a investor/partner to fund my company expenses for ongoing project and future expansions.

What we have done so far:

  • Started as resellers but currently moving to owned hardware and own collocation space (in few locations we have fulled moved from being resellers to collocation).
  • More than 10gbit+ commits in multiple locations in EU and USA
  • Developing own billing system (work in progress)
  • Profitable business with current business funding fully paid
    off and looking for second round of funding to expand further.
  • Our business is currently focusing on CDN and customers with high bandwidth requirements.

I can disclose our current company data and future plans to interested parties upon signing a NDA.

The person funding the company can be a silent investor or an active partner who is willing to work on day-to-day basis for the company.

Please PM me if you are interested. When sending a PM, please inclusde the following

  1. Your full name
  2. Contact phone number and email
  3. Company you represent or work for
  4. Your message. It must be something useful. Don't just say "I am interested"

Please no time wasters. I am not going to give my plans to anyone unless you are willing to show you are genuinely interested.